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Mozna by prichazel v uvahu ICD2053B od Cypressu - programovatelny generator

• Clock outputs ranging from 391 kHz to 100 MHz (TTL
levels) or 90 MHz (CMOS levels)
• 2-wire serial interface facilitates programmable output
• Phase-Locked Loop oscillator input derived from external
reference clock (1 MHz to 25 MHz) or External Crystal
(2 MHz to 24 MHz)
• Three-State output control disables output for test purposes
• Sophisticated internal loop filter requires no external
components or manufacturing tweaks as commonly required
with external filters
• Low power consumption makes device ideal for power-
and space-critical applications
• 8-pin 150-mil packaging achieves minimum footprint
for space-critical applications
• 5V operation

J. Hanzal

>Dnes jiz velmi spatne - prestal se vyrabet. Par kousku
>po suplikach mezi radioamatery a to je vse. Doporucuji
>preorientovat se na jiny obvod pokud je to mozne.
>	Martin - OK1UGA
>-----Original Message-----
>  Zdravim
>potreboval bych poradit, kde by se dal sehnat (nejlepe v Praze) obvod 
>UMA1014. Je to fazovy zaves + napetim rizeny oscilator od Philipse.
>              Ondra

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