Win Drivery pro Colorgraf 512 a 516

Petr Simandl simandl at
Fri Sep 13 16:56:15 CEST 2002

   jak jsem koupil tak prodavam. Dnes mi napsal Peter Rose ze ma
516A a ze pry sehnal drivery pro winy, ktere jsou 100% chodici
Hledejte ROLAND DXY-1200 / 1300 drivery na webu
je to az dole na konci stranky. Jeste jsem to netestoval a tak
bych byl rad kdyby to nekdo vyzkousel a podelil se se zkusenostmi.
Ja doma jedu na linuxu a v praci plotr nemam.
pokud chodi uzivejte :)

Dear Mr. Simandl,
thanks for the very informative explanations on the above mentioned 
plotter on your website.
I myself own the model Aritma 0516A which I bought about 10 years ago 
without actually using it. Therefore I never realized that there could 
be any problem with the Windows 98 / ME  OS. Recently though I 
remembered having this plotter and I tried to plot a technical drawing 
using the AUTOSKETCH v.6 program, however, I didn't succeed due to an 
error indication on the plotter and blockage during the plot process.
It seems that actually happened what you described under "Plotting from 
Windows" and the erroneous program coding of the driver when configuring 
the 0516A plotter as a HP 7475 (supposed compatible) and its original 
driver HPPLOT.DRV. The ARITMA manual describes under "Programming" that 
the program coding of the HP7475 is not completely implemented in the 
0512/0516; this is probably the reason why the 0512/0516 doesn't 
understand its language when configured as a HP7475 and blocks. Thus, 
the HP7475 seems only to be partly software compatible.
 From the site I 
learned that among others the plotter models ROLAND DXY-1200 and 
DXY-1300 should be HP7475 compatible and therefore I downloaded the 
respective drivers from .
After installing and trying both of the drivers and modifying the port 
parameters  9600, 8, N,1 (and respectively the plotter dip switches) my 
drawing was perfectly plotted  without any errors. Furthermore does 
these drivers even support the 8 pens while as far as to my knowledge 
the original HP 7475 supports only 4 or 6 pens.
Summing up it may be said that the ROLAND DXY-1200 / 1300 drivers are 
100% soft- and hardware compatible with the ARITMA 0516 in all respects.
I hope that my contribution will be found useful to you and others.
I would highly appreciate your response and remain with regards,
Peter Alexander Rose

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