Fw: Free C for the PIC micro

Igor KOPRIVA xKoprivaI at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 3 08:51:00 CET 2003

A safra, ze ja to nedocetl do konce nez jsem to preposlal.

Dik za upozorneni.

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> >> The HI-TECH PICC Lite compiler is a freeware version of their
> >>
> >> industrial-strength PICC compiler and supports the 12F629, 12F675,
> >>
> >> 16F84, 16F84A, 16F627,16F877 and 16F877A devices.
> Differences from the full versions are:
> there is no source code supplied for the library routines;
> the compiler comes with no printf() support for longs or floats;
> two ram banks of the 16F627, 16F877, 16F877A are supported for general
purpose ram;
> Code size for the 16F877 and 16F877A is limited to 2048 words.
> J. Hanzal

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