Fw: Free C for the PIC micro

Lukas Grepl L.Grepl at sh.cvut.cz
Sat Mar 1 11:06:41 CET 2003

K tem zdrojovym kodum - kdyz si clovek stahne demo plne verze, tak tam ty
zdrojaky jsou. Podpora printf() pro long a float tam neni z toho prosteho
duvodu, ze by se tam v podstate nevlezla.. a omezeni velikosti pameti jsou
mozna neprijemna, nicmene kdyz je to free.. (aneb darovanemu koni na zuby
nekoukej ;-) ) - a do 2k instrukci a 192B RAM se da vecpat lecos..

Navic ta freeware licence umoznuje i komercni pouziti!
(HI-TECH Software has provided this freeware PICC Lite compiler, as a
low-cost tool for hobbyists and students, however the licence allows its use
for commercial purposes as well.)

S pozdravem
Lukas Grepl, OK2WDT

> Differences from the full versions are:
> there is no source code supplied for the library routines;
> the compiler comes with no printf() support for longs or floats;
> two ram banks of the 16F627, 16F877, 16F877A are supported for general
purpose ram;
> Code size for the 16F877 and 16F877A is limited to 2048 words.
> J. Hanzal

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